I Am Now Vegan

Hey guys! Yes, you read that correctly! It has been about three (maybe four) months since I had animal products.  In the interest of transparency, I have had dairy a handful of times in the last few months, mostly on accident as there’s a learning curve, except that I have a weakness for these cookies (you canContinue reading “I Am Now Vegan”

The Story I’ll Tell…

by Maverick City Music featuring Naomi Raine I don’t think I know a single person who has not experienced challenges during this period of time. If may be financial, emotional, physical or mental, but almost everyone I know is going through something or has gone through something over the last few months.  Fine, maybe youContinue reading “The Story I’ll Tell…”

David’s Song of Praise

Hey there,  Yes, I know it’s been two weeks but can I be honest here? I just didn’t have any motivation to write a blog post and you know what?  I’m okay with that. I’m not into forcing things anymore (Sadly, I haven’t always been that way). This week, I decided to ease myself backContinue reading “David’s Song of Praise”