Skye has been home now for about two weeks and let me tell you, it has been a crazy two weeks. Before we get into that, let me take you back…all the way back, lol. 

So probably about a year ago, I had a coworker bring her puppy to work and I instantly fell in love. I have always wanted a small puppy but I am slightly afraid of dogs. As a child, we never had pets except for maybe a fish, so I was not familiar with dogs, plus my mom was (and still is) very afraid of dogs and maybe she just instilled that fear into us. 

Anyway, on to me wanting a small dog – you know, a small dog you put in your purse and take with you everywhere. 

I was never in the position to have one until now. About two or three years ago, I shared a dog with an ex of mine and I was in love with that puppy. We rescued him when he was about 10 weeks old after he was left outside someone’s house. I put so much time, energy and money into that dog but unfortunately, when we broke up, the puppy had to stay with the ex. Reason being I was living at home with my parents and as I stated earlier, my mom is afraid of dogs. 

Fast forward to a few years later. While looking for a house, I knew I was going to get a dog as well. So, I contacted the breeder just so I could get information about how the process worked and what kind of dogs were available. I put my name on a waiting listing in July 2020 and then in November, I received a message from the breeder stating there were puppies available. Unfortunately (but fortunately, really), the timing didn’t work out and I passed on that litter as my original house (story for another day) would not have been ready at that time.  

I received another message from the breeder in December and he told me three puppies would be ready to go home late January or early February, which was perfect timing. I would have closed on my house by that time and would have been living there for about a month. 

He sent over a series of photos of different dogs to choose from. I had always wanted a boy puppy because I did not want to deal with a girl pup’s “heat.” However, when I scrolled through all the pictures, the girl puppy was the one that caught my eye. I kept going back and forth but I couldn’t help but come right back to her. I spoke to a few friends and I decided to go with the girl and will deal with the “heat” when that time comes.

Now to getting her home. I guess I didn’t think this part out well. I knew she was out of state; however, I figure they could put her on a plane and send her to Houston…WRONG! I had two options at this time: 1. Fly to get her, or 2. Hire a flight nanny (yes, this is a real thing). I was leaning toward option two for several reasons. I am a nervous flyer – can you imagine a nervous, inexperienced puppy mom flyer + a crying puppy on a plane? I couldn’t. It gave me lots of anxiety. So, flight nanny it was! My girl is already a diva. 

Being super organized, I hired a flight nanny weeks in advice and all I had to do was get all of the puppy’s stuff ready. I had her crate, bed, toys, clothes and food. Two days before she was supposed to arrive in Houston, the flight nanny cancelled. Then I was scrambling to find another one a day before she was supposed to be home, and no one could guarantee their services. However, her sweet uncle (my brother) decided to go get her. Literally he was on a flight three hours later to Indiana; he spent the night there and brought her home to Texas the next day. He lives about 1.5 hours from me so we agreed that it would be best to keep her with him for the night. I was so sad but it was best for everyone, especially my brother who had a long journey to get her. I will skip over some minor details but please know there were tears involved, lol. 

My brother brought her home to me on Saturday morning, February 13, 2021 and I have been in love ever since. This little girl is so pretty and smart, I can’t deal. I named her Skye after the Paw Patrol, with the help of my nephews, and her auntie gave her the Yoruba name, which means “mine is wealth.” 

Minutes after she arrived home!!

As many of you know, Texas experienced an ice storm a few days later and our whole routine was off. We had to move to my sister’s house because I lost power but a day or two later, my sister lost power as well. At this point, we had no choice other than to go to my grandparents’ house. 

Do you remember I said my mom was afraid of dogs? Well, she got over that fear and let Skye come over. My mom let Skye run freely in the house…so free that she even chased my mom, lol. We were very grateful for the warmth and shelter. 

We take frequent naps especially during the winter storm.

These past two weeks have been very interesting but I am enjoying every moment with Skye. We are making progress with potty training, even though we struggled terribly in the beginning.

Skye is a cavapoo, which a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and toy poodle. She is very active, determined, super smart and she loves to cuddle. As I sit here writing this, she is crawling all over me. She had her very first vet appointment and she is super healthy! Who would have thought I would be talking about a dog like this?

If you are needing any information on the breeder, I cannot recommend them enough…they were MORE THAN AMAZING! Visit Puppies by Design. Thanks, Matt! 

Enjoy some pictures I have taken of her and look out for more because y’all, I think I’m obsessed. 

She’s already a pro at posing!!

Till next time. 

Love always, 


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