Surviving COVID-19


As you read this, I am probably either on my way to pick up my new puppy or I have her already. Either way, send help and prayers. We both are going to need them, especially tonight. I can guarantee that at least one of us will be crying tonight lol. 

How has the week been? Mine’s been busy as usual. Thank you all for the continued support on this blog; it means the world to me!

If I am completely honest, I struggle with the content of this blog. My niche is lifestyle but at the same time, I want to keep some aspect of privacy to my life. I love sharing things, but I also struggle with what to share exactly. Last year I had a pretty good schedule where I posted one fashion post, one music post and one or two motivational posts a month; however, this year I think I want to do something different. 

I love my fashion – I am not always the trendiest, but I love what I love. So, fashion posts are staying. I am not too sure about the music posts. 

Also, the motivational posts, the thing about those is that your girl is needing her own motivation during these times. I can honestly say that everyone’s faith has been tested in the last year and I don’t know if I have the energy to be motivational. Don’t get me wrong; I am very happy with my life but my faith has definitely been tested over this last year. 

Yes, I know I spoke about a podcast like 50 million times last year and I really spoke about it because I figured if I said it, I had to keep my word, but I am not feeling that idea after all. I am currently toying with another avenue; however, I am going to keep that to myself just in case the same thing that happened with the podcast happens again. All this to say, be patient with me while I try to figure out the direction I want this blog to go in. 

On to this week’s topic: surviving COVID-19. So, I tested positive for Covid the day before Thanksgiving (look at God). Everyone else in my family was negative thankfully and we did not gather for Thanksgiving! For about a week prior to testing positive, I had been feeling really tired and had also noticed some shortness of breath, but I attributed the fatigue to being EXTREMELY busy and overwhelmed at work and not getting adequate sleep. The shortness of breath I attributed to being out of shape, even though I have been consistently working out for months. 

The week prior, I took a Covid test to try to rule that out and it was negative. At this point, I was desperate to find an answer. I had labs drawn and actually booked an appointment with a hematologist because my iron levels came back low. Instead of slowing down, I just continued to work through the symptoms. I was drinking one or two cups of coffee a day and still yawning throughout my day and going to bed before 9pm. In my mind, it had to be the low iron levels because I had already tested negative for Covid and I had no other symptoms. 

That Wednesday, I woke up at 4:30am like I usually do. I went to the gym around 5am and STRUGGLED through my workout. It was leg day and I normally am pretty good at leg day (upper body is a different story). I had pain in areas that shouldn’t have been hurting on leg day and I was exhausted but I pushed through it. I came home, got in the shower and went back to sleep for another two hours (something new that started the week prior due to the extreme exhaustion). 

When I woke up, I got ready for work. That morning, my mom was in the kitchen and I was talking to her and she asked me what was wrong with my voice. She had noticed it was a little raspy. I told her it was nothing, maybe allergies. I don’t have allergies but apparently after living in Houston for a long time, you can develop allergies. 

I got in my car and started driving to work. When I drive, I jam hard to my favorite music without a care in the world. This morning was not different; I got in my car and I was jamming to my favorite song at the time but my voice kept going out. 

Hmmmm, I thought to myself, I need a warm drink to help that. I stopped and got a coffee and went on my way to work. As I got to work and was settling in for my shift, my head started hurting. I NEVER get headaches so this caught my attention, but I also tried to rationalize it by saying my Aunt Flo was in town and it could be the cause of the headache. Actually, all the symptoms could have been related to that. I am always tired when she’s in town. 

Luckily, I decided to pay closer attention and got tested again, which led me to the positive results. At the time, I lived with my parents so I was more worried about them and what I had potentially exposed them to. Thankfully, they were fine. 

I spent 10 days in a lovely hotel, which was actually relaxing. My symptoms were mild: fatigue, shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell, body aches, headache and congestion. I did not require hospitalization but there was a night that I thought I would because I was so short of breath, but thankfully that improved by the next morning.  

Here are some things I did to recover:

  1. Lots of rest! I did work three out of the 10 days I was in quarantine, but the other days, I laid around and rested. 
  2. Lots of fluids like water and teas (lemon and ginger).
  3. Supplements, including vitamins C, D and the Bs, plus zinc. 
  4. Tylenol for the headaches and body aches. 

I honestly did not eat a whole lot because I lost my appetite and couldn’t taste much, so I lost a few pounds, but I gained all of that back when my taste and smell returned a few weeks later. I am thankful for my supportive friends and family who were praying and checking up on me during that time. 

I know my story is not everyone’s story, which is the scary thing about this virus. It is so unpredictable. Continue to stay safe, wash hands, wear a mask and social distance as much as possible. Continue to reach out to your own medical professional (NOT ME) for advice on symptoms and get vaccinated when it’s available to you. I am fully vaccinated, but I still take all the necessary precautions. I know many people are hesitant about the vaccine and please believe, I was also, but I did my research and I also did it for my patients. I cannot recommend that they do something that I myself would not do. It is out of hope for a much bigger future and fewer deaths from this ridiculous virus. 

I thank God for keeping me during these hard and unpredictable times. I am fully recovered from Covid and the only lingering effect that I experienced is insomnia, but that has been corrected with melatonin. I will try to get myself off it eventually. 

For more information about the vaccine, click here.

I documented a little bit of my experience in videos below. 

November 27, 2020

November 28, 2020

Later on November 28, 2020

Till next time. 

Love always, 


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