Happy 2021 (One month late…)

Yes, I know it has been a few months since I last posted and honestly, I forgot the login to my account. I initially planned to take a few months off and start back on my birthday; however, life happened. Life just got busy and blogging was no longer a priority. 

Since we haven’t spoken in so long, how was the rest of your year? 2020 was definitely a year. It was good, it was bad and it was everything in between. I am glad I made it alive and well through 2020. 

Well, let me catch you up on a few things. I had Covid in November. Thankfully I had mild symptoms, but symptoms nonetheless. No one else in my family was sick and I didn’t require hospitalization. We can go into my Covid experience a little later. 

In December, I had a birthday! I turned 33 and if you know anything about me, I love my birthday! This birthday was very different because I did not have a big celebration; however, it was truly a GOOD birthday and I was happy. My heart was content and I truly felt loved. I remember driving to my massage appointment on my birthday and thinking, I feel so loved today! I thank God for that! 

In January, I bought my first home! Yes, you read that right, Your girl is a homeowner and I LOVE it! I love my home and can’t wait to decorate and take you all on that journey. 

And just a sneak preview because I can’t keep it in any longer: Next week, I will be a puppy mom for the second time (story for another day). I cannot wait! I will share more about my puppy in a few weeks. 

The last update is that I created a separate IG account for my blog. I was very hesitant about this because I don’t want to manage two accounts, but I also don’t want to bombard people with blog stuff on my personal IG page if they are not interested. So, go follow my page @lovealwaysshayo. Thank you to everyone already following! I was hoping to keep it quiet for a while and have some content uploaded before announcing that I created a new page, but IG couldn’t keep the secret. 

Before I go, remember how I told you all that I loved by birthday? Well, I love it so much I decided to do a photo shoot! I know I am sharing the pictures a month later but it’s better late than never! 

P.S.: My locs are six months old this month. Can you believe that? And I did my first style at four months and I loved it!

Enjoy the pictures and expect more fashion pictures from me.

Skirt by Oyemwen

Till next time. 

Love always, 


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Navigating​ through life and sharing the journey with you all.

6 thoughts on “Happy 2021 (One month late…)

  1. Happy Belated Birthday like you said better late than never and next Congrats & Congrats!!!!! Homeowner and puppy mom!! And I’m so glad you are doing well and recovered well and thanks for sharing I love your blogs keep them coming can’t wait for the next one!! 😉😍🤗


  2. Gorgeous pics, welcome back, and congratulations on the new house and new fur baby! You’re starting 2021 with a bang and I’m excited to be along for the ride!

    Also, happy belated birthday! And SO glad your experience with Covid was a mild one!


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