Self-Image & A Sexy Outfit

This time last year, I could not have taken a picture like this or seen a picture of myself without being so critical of myself. 

  1. I am too fat
  2. I look terrible
  3. Do you see this or that? 
  4. I hate the way I look… 

This year… Baby! I look at pictures of myself and I am in love! My sisters have actually said I am a little too confident now. You know what, I will take that. Do you know why? I put in the work! I had to love myself all over again or actually for the first time. I had to be torn down so I could be put back together again. When I look in the mirror daily, I see me and I love me. I don’t look in the mirror hoping someone will not notice these flaws I have and still love me or hope that someone will love me enough so that I took can love me. Nope, I love myself unconditionally. What work did I put in?


Y’all are going to get tired of year this, but I have been in therapy regularly for over 1 year. I was challenged at the beginning of 2019 to give therapy a chance for 1 year and I have never regretted it (thanks sis). Okay that’s a lie, I regretted 1-3 times when I was with the wrong therapist for me (that’s the nicest way to put it). But since I found my current therapist, my life has been so much better! 

When I first started therapy, I was going every single week because, Girl I needed it. I was in the middle of a crisis you can say and I needed help handling it. Over the next few months, I started to space my sessions out to every 2 weeks, then 3 weeks and now I go every 1-2 months depending on what’s going on. I don’t think I need therapy as much as I did over a year ago; however, I want to keep going for now to make sure I am checking in and working on areas that I still need to grow in. In therapy, I have discussed my childhood, past and present day issues. My therapist, has given me homework, she has challenged me and helped me with unpacking (thanks Khe for this phrase) a multitude of things. Do I recommend therapy? Absolutely! Ask my friends, I tell everyone to go!

Diet and Exercise 

I did not like how I looked physically, so I got up and changed that. I started to exercise more regularly. I still cannot say I LOVE working out but I can say I really love what it does for my body and mind. I never really understood how much exercise effects your mood until I started to experience it for myself. It seriously is a big pick me up that everyone should experience. Y’all, even Harvard agrees. So if Harvard says it is true, it has to be legit! As far as my diet, I am still vegan and I love it. You can read about it on my previous post but eating healthier as helped with the changes in my body as well. 

Next week, I will go into more detail about what my quiet time looks like. For now, let’s get on to this outfit. All you need to do is put some shoes on, minimal jewelry like I have on and call it a night. Fun for girl’s night out or date night.

Enjoy the pictures! And let me know if you recreate this outfit. The whole outfit is from Zara (except the Kendra Scott earrings).

Earrings: Kendra Scott

Till next time, 

Love always, 


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2 thoughts on “Self-Image & A Sexy Outfit

  1. Gorgeous lady and love the outfit!! That’s the first thing I thought when I saw the pic. Crazy the lies our minds tell us… thankfully, we are not our thoughts!


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