Letter to My Younger Self

Dear Shayo, 

Listen up, young lady, your life is going to be great, but it will also throw you some curve balls and you have to be ready. Here are a few things I want you to remember – especially during those hard times – because girlfriend, the curve balls are coming. 

You are amazing! 

You are beautiful. 

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. 

You are FIONE, girl!! Don’t let anyone fat shame you, EVER! Try to learn healthy habits early on. 

Your dark skin is beautiful, and your nappy curls are beautiful!

You can do anything you set your mind to through Christ who gives you strength. 

You are enough. 

You are unique and that makes you special. Embrace and love your differences. 

You have a beautiful heart and soul and don’t let anyone change that about you. 

Do not let anyone define you or make you feel less than. 

You have to love yourself more than anyone can love you. The way you love yourself teaches others how to love you. If you don’t show yourself enough love, neither will they. 

Finding love will not make you whole or complete. You are already both. 

Love hard! Love is beautiful and kind. Love does not hurt; people hurt. 

Do not make marriage the goal; happiness in everything you do should be a goal instead. 

Let people who want to leave, leave. Don’t try to convince anyone how great and amazing you are. 

You are not defined by your mistakes. 

Do not give up just because it is hard. If you fail, get up; try, try and try again. 

Make God a priority. Learn to pray now and make it a habit – it’s not just for when things get tough. 

Be nicer to your siblings and try not to give your parents a heart attack by being the “problem child.” 

Pay a little bit more attention in school. 

Learn to save and invest your money wisely. 

It is not your duty to tell everyone what they are doing wrong. 

Talk less, listen more. Be slow to anger. Be slow to react. 

Cherish friendships and do better about keeping in touch. 

Learn patience now because you are going to need a lot of it. 

Live for today. Enjoy your current season. 

You will do great things and you will impact so many people’s lives. 

There is a reason for everything. Try to learn one lesson from each experience. Have no regrets. 

It is okay to cry, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Embrace being an emotionally aware person. Some people will envy that. 

Do not compare your life or path with anyone else’s. God has you on your own unique journey. 

Believe the nice things people say about you. Listen to the bad things but don’t take them to heart. 

Be kind to yourself. 

Learn to stand up for yourself politely. 

You are so loved. 

Never forget these things! You will need them. 

Love always, 

Older and wiser Shayo 

At age 32, I am falling more and more in love with myself. I wish I had loved myself more a few years ago but, like I said: No regrets. I am just happy that I am finally discovering this kind of love. What are some things you would tell your younger self? 

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4 thoughts on “Letter to My Younger Self

  1. If only we all knew these things when we were younger, how much life would be smoother. But they say experience is the best teacher. Everything that we have gone through builds us and makes us wiser. I’m grateful for all I’ve gone through, too my younger self I would say have more fun!

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  2. Everything seems really bad right now, but don’t panic God is working it all out for your good. It’s okay to be different from other kids, middle and high school seems like the worse years of your life because you haven’t learned how to value yourself, but you will.

    It won’t be like this forever, I know you don’t feel like you belong with your peers but you are uniquely you, and when you commit your life to the Lord “for real” you’ll come to realize that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You’ll do what is best for you, despite what others say about it. Your reserve nature is something that turns a lot of people off—it’s a trait that you’ll probably have forever, so just embrace it. At the same time, some of the advice you receive from people will be beneficial; you don’t know everything you think you do.

    You’re an introvert, and that won’t change, so use it to your advantage. Introverted people are some of the best kind. They have a keen eye for detail that the majority of people don’t have. When you are older, you’ll look back at some of the ridiculous things you did when you were young and thank God He brought you through. But, don’t live your life in regret and guilt, it was apart of your testimony.

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    1. Beautiful letter Kim! Well written!! Yay to introverts!! And yes! God definitely has us all go through things for a reason. They are all part of our testimony and ultimately to give Him the glory!! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful letter!!!

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