From Basic To Elevated

This week, it’s another fashion post. I was so excited to do this post, first off, but after I saw the pictures, I was blown away. Thank you to my friend, Brittany, for taking my pictures and, of course, being my hype (wo)man! 

So, this month’s fashion post is about having versatility with outfits and how to transition one outfit from a casual look to a more elevated look.  No need for fluff, let’s get straight into the fun part: the outfits. 

Look # 1: Overalls

I don’t know about you all, but I LOVED wearing overalls in middle school and high school, so when they came back around, I was all for them.  For the causal outfit, I wore my all-white Converse, and then to elevate the look a bit, I changed into these clear pumps from Zara. 

Look # 2: Ankara Dress

I got this dress made in Nigeria about two years ago. I love my Nigerian culture, especially our clothing. If you are not familiar with Ankara, it is basically wax-printed material that we (Africans) use to make a variety of things such as clothes and accessories. The prints are typically made with vibrant colors and various designs. So, for this look, the more casual one, I work some Sam Edelman flats, and then I elevated the look with these fiery red heels. 

Look # 3: Yellow Skirt

This outfit is definitely all me – I adore colors and anything with flowers. I started off this look real casual again with my Converse, and then elevated it with some nude pumps. 

Having this kind of versatility comes in handy on busy days when you are running between events like brunch, a baby shower, doing errands, or literally anywhere else, and you want to make sure you are always dressed appropriately and comfortably. It’s especially great for those days when you are leaving work and heading to an event or meeting friends (or a beau!) for happy hour. By changing one accessory, you can see how different these outfits look. 

I hope these looks give you some inspiration for how to “elevate” your look from causal to dressy by just changing your shoes. In what ways do you like to change up your look? Am I the only one who tries to wear one outfit for multiple events in the same day?

‘Till next time. 

Love always, 


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6 thoughts on “From Basic To Elevated

  1. Gorgeous!!! I love the yellow skirt❤. Shoes always do the trick. Sometimes I also add lipstick and a quick hair style change (loose the pony tail/do a quick updo bun).

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