Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2020!!! 

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU so much for all the love for me starting my blog! I received so many sweet and encouraging messages! I am excited to take this journey with you all!

I know everyone has their opinions about new year’s resolutions and why they don’t believe in them or do believe in them. Like I mentioned in my last post, my birthday literally comes right before the new year so for me, it is an opportunity to work on a better version of myself with a new age! Today, I will be sharing a few new year’s resolutions I have for myself and how I plan to keep them going past January 31st. I have such high hopes for 2020 and I am on a self-love journey so these few resolutions are intended to help achieve this. 

  1. Studying my Bible and praying every morning- I am making this a priority in 2020 and beyond! God has been so good and faithful to me and I have taken this for granted being the flawed human that I am. Why in the morning? I want to put Him first in everything I do and I cannot think of a better way to start my day off than with spending time with my creator. 
    • Practical tip #1 – I am setting that alarm clock 1 hour earlier in order to sit at my Father’s feet in praise and worship. 
    • Practical tip #2 (Tools)- The Bible study pictured below, Proverbs 31 daily devotional and journals to write out my prayers and keep track of God’s goodness (we tend to forget).
Some of the tools I will be using to accomplish my first resolution.
  1. Working out consistently- yes I am, this is EVERYONE’S new year’s resolution. In 2019, I did a horrible job of working out but I plan to get back on the exercise regimen in 2020. My goal is to workout 3-5 times a week for at least 30 minutes 
    • Practical tips #1- Accountability partners or workout partners! (Thanks, Jen and Khe)
    • Practical tip #2 (Tools):  Apps (Nike running app, WOD Generator , FitOn and SWEAT) and group exercises classes at my gym. 
    • Getting an affordable personal trainer (let me know if you have any suggestions, I am actively seeking).  
  2. Attending church and serving consistently (2-3 times a month) at church- I currently go to an amazing church here in Houston called Hope city. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out…It will change your life! I have been serving on the hospitality team for almost a year but I was not the most consistent last year.
    • Practical tip- There isn’t one, I just have to do it! No excuses.
  3. Being intentional with my tribe (family and friends)- Making sure to check-in on folks and let my presence in their life be known. Also, I want to share my struggles and joys with people so I can build more genuine connections.  In 2019, I learned that EVERYONE is going through something and majority of the times we keep to ourselves because we think we are alone (a lie from the devil himself). You are never alone! Reach out to someone in your corner they care about you! If you are reading this, I care about you and I will be in your corner. 
    • Practical tip #1- Set reminders on my phone to check-in on people. A check in can be something simple as a text message. It can also be a phone call, face time or setting an actual date to catch up. But I have to set reminders in my phone because I will forget. 
    • Practical tip # 2- Talk about it and do not isolate. I am the worst at this. If I am going through something, I don’t want to burden others so I keep to myself but I realized how much I needed my tribe in 2019. Provers 17:17 states “a friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in the time of need”. Let that sink in! Like Pastor Jeremy always says “we are not meant to do life alone”. When we learn these things, life gets a tad bit easier. *** I will go into more detail about my tribe and finding your tribe in a future post. ****
  4. Saving more $ and less spending. Setting a budget- Work in progress. *Future post*
  5. Scheduling self-love days 1-2 times a month (would love to do this daily but that isn’t realistic). Take a day to myself and just pour back into me by doing things I LOVE by MYSELF! 
    • Example- Going to dinner at a nice restaurant. Taking a weekend trip. Getting my nail done or doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The goal is to do whatever makes me happy!

I hope you enjoyed some of my new year’s resolutions! Let’s keep each other accountable, remember we are best friends now! Let me know your new year’s resolutions as well!

I pray 2020 is your best year yet! I pray that you expect BIG things to happen in your life this year and that God grants you ALL your heart’s desires! 

‘Til next time.

Love always, Shayo

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Navigating​ through life and sharing the journey with you all.

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Your goals are very relatable. I need to spend more time with my heavenly father too. I started last year going on my knees to thank him before doing anything else in the morning. There where days where I would be in a rush and didn’t do it. I plan to be better this year. I will you success with all you resolutions this year.

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  2. Love the resolutions I however have not set any! But yours are similar to what I have done or thought about doing. Love the blog it’s so motivational. I also use the Bible App for devotional and they have notes there as well but it’s all in the phone no pen and pencil. I can’t wait to read next what you call your tribe!

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