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Today is my favorite day of the entire year. You guessed it, It’s my birthday! I love the month of December but the 30thof December is the one day that I make all about me. It is one day that is dedicated to celebrating me (not to say I can’t be celebrated any other day but you get what I mean). This year is a little bit different because I typically have a day planned with activities. This year, I really wanted to have this day to myself to truly reflect on this past year and plan for the upcoming year. I love that my birthday is at the end of the year because the new year is truly a new year of life for me. As I sit here and reflect on my last year, I am truly grateful. 2019 has been one of the hardest years for me due to the unexpected loss of a relationship and friendship that truly broke my heart but 2019 was also a year that I made progress. I became debt free and I truly started to work on myself and love myself. It is a year that really made me lean on my tribe and as a result, I saw friendships blossom. 2019 is the year that I am starting this blog. Why am I starting this blog you ask? Why not? I have always wanted to start a blog but I am not the best writer so I made excuses as to why I wouldn’t be good at it. I don’t have anything interesting going on in my life so I would have nothing to write about… another excuse. I have many excuses/reasons as to why I shouldn’t write this blog but I am not going to listen to them anymore. I am just going to go for it. So here I am.

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Shayo. I am a 32-year-old Yoruba girl that pretty much grew up in Texas. I love Jesus and I am pursuing him more and more each day. I also love fashion, makeup, music and traveling. Essentially, I am your new best friend! Lol. I want to share my life on this blog in an honest, open manner as much as possible. I will talk about everything from career, health, fashion, life struggles and celebrations a woman in her 30s faces in our society. I hope you take this journey with me!

Love always, Shayo

Published by Shayo

Navigating​ through life and sharing the journey with you all.

6 thoughts on “32

  1. I’m so happy to have met you this year and I can feel the love in your words. Thank you for not letting the excuses stop you! I can’t wait to read more about your journey!

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